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This series will publish original scholarly work undertaken by professionals and academics based outside mainland China. We will accept both monographs and edited volumes in the social sciences on topics related to China. Each title in this series will offer a new perspective or new research.

Medicated health as an interdisciplinary field draws research attention of scholars of communication, medical science, sociology, anthropology, economics, gender studies, global and regional studies, public health, marketing, and computer science.  This series of books attempt to focus on current theories and practices of mediated health in the hope of enhancing informed medical decisions and contributing to the wellbeing of individuals.       
The BRICS Series on Sustainable Governance will publish original scholarly work — both research monographs and edited volumes — on cutting-edge socio-legal issues of relevance to BRICS countries. Each title in this series will offer a comprehensive account of a particular issue in one of the BRICS countries, or a comparative examination of an issue of relevance to two or more BRICS countries. The series will also consider publishing research which compares developments in a BRICS country with a non-BRICS country.