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The Basic Law Research Series aims to establish a bridge between theory and practice for basic law research. It provides a platform for the study of basic law to be shared by scholars from four districts of Cross-Straits and overseas to promote academic and interdisciplinary exchanges.

Youth cannot be considered in isolation. Their lives are in constant interaction with various institutional systems that make up their world. Family, school, peers, employment and technological advancement all shape the development of young people. In particular, the technology, media and telecommunications systems have made a great impact on modern life. This Caring for Youth Series has incorporated various research interests within a holistic and systems perspective, with the assumption that issues confronting youth are interactional in nature.  Several core areas of research that can facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration will include: Child and adolescent development; Family and peer groups; Learning and career; Social interaction and identity; Virtual Communication; E-consumers’ Behaviour; Popular and Youth Culture; Deviance and Delinquency; Political Participation and Youth Leadership; Youth Justice System; Youth Policy and Services.

This series collects new ideas, new thinking, and new theories from famous intellectuals and scholars in Greater China and around the world. The books aim to inspire readers’ own thought processes.

This series explores the development of constitutionalism in China. Written by a number of renowned scholars in constitutional law from mainland China, these books delve into different schools of thought in this field and their constitutional ramifications from various perspectives, including political philosophy, the relationship between politics and law, and constitutional development.

This series, written by legal experts and scholars, aims to help readers to gain professional knowledge of the civil, commercial, and economic laws of China. The books, combining theories, practical guides, and case reports, serve as useful references on the latest developments in China’s laws and legal system. 

Written by a team of renowned and interdisciplinary scholars, this series focuses on the critical issues East Asia are facing today, with each title offering a comprehensive account of a particular issue and engaging readers in a careful consideration of all its aspects.

The Educated Scholars Series encompasses a wide range of topics, including Chinese culture, history, geography, literature, philosophy, religion etc. This series is written by numerous famous scholars hoping to bring readers new perspectives regarding the relationship between Chinese culture and modern lives.

General education (now renamed as "Gateway Education") has been launched in City University of Hong Kong since 2008, providing students exposure to cutting-edge knowledge and idea that cross multiple disciplines. In accordance with the recently established Discovery-enriched Curriculum in City University of Hong Kong, the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education and City University of Hong Kong Press jointly publish the Gateway Education Series. This series has incorporated systematic interdisciplinary research to help readers acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge, in the hope to motivate and ignite a passion for discovery and innovation, and to contribute to the generation and application of knowledge.

From being a poor fishing village on the Southern coast of china, Hong Kong ( population 6.5 million ) has emerged to become the busiest container port and one of the richest cosmopolitan cities in the world. it is a name that reminds us of China trade, international finance, tourism, ideological truce, freedom and success. The books in the Series tell us the economic reasons behind Hong Kong's success story.

Since its establishment in 1998, the CityU's Chinese Civilisation Centre ( CCIV ) has invited numerous visiting scholars and experts from around the world to CityU and delivered hundreds of lectures on Chinese art, history and culture. With a view to making these lectures more widely available in the community, the CCIV and the University Press published the many talks and presentations under the title of the Chinese Civilisation Lecture Series. These range from classical literature and ancient civilization to history of technological development and cultural exchanges between the East and the West.

Mediated Health Series focuses on the effects of media, lifestyle, doctor-patient communication, and the economy on health and aims to help inform medical decisions and enhance the wellbeing of individuals.

Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Studies Series is designed to make widely available important contributions on the local history, culture and society of Hong Kong and the surrounding region. Generous support from Sir Lindsay and Lady May Ride Memorial Fund makes it possible to publish a series of high-quality works that will be of lasting appeal and value to all, both scholars and informed general readers, who share a deeper interest in and enthusiasm for the area.

This comprehensive trilingual phrase guide series with audio CD in MP3 format covers a wide range of daily-life situations and offers up-to-date vocabularies and expressions of a selected foreign language. It is organized in three columns (in Putonghua, Cantonese and a particular foreign language) for quick and easy access. It aims at serving visitors/business travelers/students coming from different language speaking countries to learn Putonghua and Cantonese, as well as for Putonghua or Cantonese speaking people to learn the foreign language.

Understanding Asia Series is an extension series of "Understanding East and Southeast Asia Series", it is more than a travel guidebook as it tells briefly the history, social, economic and political situation, as well as its culture and nature of each country. Although Hong Kong is an important financial centre and an international city, people here have little knowledge about neighbouring countries. 

 The 11-volume series of books helps bridge the gap and aims to encourage an interest in the politics, society and culture of the region, especially among Hong Kong university students.