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人民幣國際化—在岸、離岸市場建設的關鍵 (巴晴)  

衝突與調和—大湄公河次區域地緣經濟角力 (宋興洲)

課堂外的讀本系列 (一套10冊) (錢理群 陳平原 黃子平 編)

[中國法治三老] 中國市場經濟發展與民法典 (江平)  

[中國法治三老] 中國法治社會之建構 (郭道暉)

[中國法治三老] 建設法治中國之路 (李步雲)

Evaluation of the C. Y. Leung Administration (Joseph Y. S. CHENG)

Construction Safety: Important Topics in Safety Law, Management, and Technology (LEE Hung Kwong)

The Concept of Proportionality in Public Law (Franco CHUNG)

Orient Explorer Series– Theme I: Women Writers

Sustainable Development for Population Health (Albert LI)                                                                 

Leading Healthy and Thriving Schools (Robin Cheung)